Heroes - Season 1 EPISODE 13:THE FIX

Heroes begins with the origin stories of several lonely, disconnected people who learn they';re destined to become superheroes. At the center of the unfolding tale is Peter Petrelli, a nurse haunted by cryptic dreams who believes he';s meant to do great things with his life. Peter tries to convince his politico brother Nathan, who is running for the U.S. Heroes tells the fascinating story of people discovering remarkable abilities, to transport through time and space, to hear another';s thoughts, to be physically indestructible, to paint the future.

Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy
Actor: Hayden Panettiere, Jack Coleman, Milo Ventimiglia
Director: Tim Kring
Country: United States
Episode: 23/23 eps
Duration: 44 min
Quality: HD
Release: 2006

Heroes - Season 1 EPISODE 13:THE FIX Heroes - Season 1 EPISODE 13:THE FIX Reviewed by popcorn on 13:44:00 Rating: 5

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